Financial competence – Conservatives lead the way

Our credible plan to deal with the mess inherited from Labour is the reason Britain has kept its triple-A credit rating and why interest rates remain low.

Getting the public finances back on a stable footing is the best way of ensuring economic stability and an absolute prerequisite for growth and the creation of jobs.

Our deficit plan is backed by the IMF, the OECD, the Governor of the Bank of England, and the major credit-rating agencies. Labour’s plan for more spending, more borrowing, and more debt, would risk a loss of confidence and soaring interest rates, hitting struggling families and businesses across the country.

It’s not just Labour who want to spend, spend, spend. The Lib Dems, as socialists in disguise, would spend your money without a second thought and on fluffy pet projects. They refuse to accept that firm financial control is essential, preferring to offer anything and everything to anyone who would give them a vote.

These are tough financial times that require sensible and pragmatic solutions to the issue of reduced funding and a growing population. The Conservative led County Council has an excellent track record in financial management.

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