Adult learners’ week celebration event

Today it was my pleasure to attend this exciting event at St Andrews Hall in Chesterton. It was packed with people from a wide range of organisations as well as adult learners.

I always set out to these events with two things in mind. Firstly, to provide as much support as I can to the event and the attendees and secondly to know I can  sit back and relax as I don’t have a specific role in the proceedings.

I often leave the events thinking that I have provided the support but really should prepare a speech just in case as I am often asked to speak  at short notice. Today was no exception.

I am always struck by the energy, enthusiasm and dedication that is found within social enterprises, charities and the more general volunteering community.

So, today I was able to reflect that back to the audience. I was also able to let them know how important they are and how all authorities could do more in working with them.

I have said repeatedly, if the third sector can do the job better or cheaper then they should do it.  This feels like work in progress.

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