Horningsea school bus route review appeal

Today I found myself in an unusual position. I attended and spoke at an appeal panel but as a local member and not the Leader of the Council. I short I was questioning the rules, procedures and outcomes of the school bus review that I am responsible for as the Leader. This is a difficult position but one we all face at some time.

I was reassured that in fact I believed that the school route from Horningsea to Fenditton was not safe for primary school children. They would have had to cross two slip roads on and off the a14 one of which has not traffic lights. Could we convince the panel?

I was content that officers would give a good account of themselves. On this occasion it was the parents of the school children who needed my help. We forget sometimes how daunting our committees and panels can be for the general public.

The parents were fantastic and made the case well. They had created a video of the road which clearly demonstrated the issues. A pre appeal cup of tea in my office bolstered the nerves of the parents. I was able to sum up the case.

It was of great relief to all of us at the panel agreed this was not a safe route. They had visited the route themselves and listened carefully to the arguments.

Great result. We now keep the school bus.

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