County Council wins £5m for Local Sustainable Transport

What great news.  Its fantastic that the Government has announced that our £5m bid to the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund has been successful.

The funding award will unlock further funding of £4.2 million to be spent on transport improvements. The programme is aimed at enhancing journey choice in two important economic areas in Cambridgeshire.

The first area covers the Enterprise Zone at Alconbury, Huntingdon, St Ives, the Science Park area and Cambridge, and the second covers Ely, the Science Park area and Cambridge.

The programme will focus on improving links to key employment area and to transport interchanges, such as railway stations and Busway stops, making it easier for people to travel from home to work, and to other key destinations.

Improvements will range from infrastructure schemes such as new or improved pedestrian and cycle routes, to cycle parking and enhanced signage and travel information.

The funding will also hasten the delivery of the new cycle parking facility at Cambridge station.

As a Conservative controlled County Council we are committed to spend every pound wisely and for the benefit of the people of Cambridgeshire. This money will enable some very exciting projects to go ahead.

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