A14 grabs the headlines, some thanks needed

There has been a lot of talk amongst the media about government’s backing of the planned A14 upgrades – including widening and tolling of sections. I thought that I’d put a couple of links in so you can see that it’s not just us who are excited about this new scheme.

It really is great news that, finally, the A14 is going to be improved. The A14 is one of the key roads in our county, providing access to Cambridge for many of the counties commuters as well as connecting the county to the rest of the country. Improvements to this road have been a long time coming but it is fantastic that plans are now underway. By upgrading this road not only should congestion and journey times be reduced but also Cambridge should be able to expand and develop economically, no longer restricted by the A14.

A lot of people have put vast amounts of energy and time into making this project achievable and they should be thanked for all their efforts. In particular I would like to thank Alex Plant and Graham Hughes from the County Council who did a lot of hard work and long hours behind the scenes to make this possible.

National coverage:









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