More Lib Dem defections – SCDC

LIberal Democrats have admitted the defection of two councillors is “devastating”.

Cllr Lynda Harford is joining the Conservatives and Cllr Edd Stonham is to be an independent.

Liberal Democrat Leader, Cllr Sebastion Kindersley said “It will be a devastating blow to the group”.

Lynda, who is an experienced and able councillor, said she had realised her Conservative colleagues had more influence. She also commented that Conservatives stand a better chance of election.

This is an interesting development which highlights the fundemental issue with the Lib Dem party. It doesn’t really stand for anything, nor have any values except trying to get elected.

If you don’t have clear policies and are forever chasing votes by trying to be popularist things fall apart.

We Conservatives want to create opportunity, generate a dynamic economy, see freedom of thought and action as a virtue and encourage personal responsibility.

What that means is practical decisions taken pragmatically in the best interests of the people of Cambridgeshire not for us politicians.

Recent examples of some of our decisions are:

Superfast broad band across the County, the Ely southern bye-pass, widening of the A14 and the new rail station in Cambridge.


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