Local Government Association – Conservative Group Appointments

The LGA is an organisation that represents local authorities on the national stage. It has regular contact with Ministers and is extremely important at shaping national policy and influencing decisions.

When I became Leader I decided that it was important to concentrate all my attentions on Cambridgeshire for my first year.  I also indicated that after the first year the we needed to engage nationally  if we to make real progress on the serious issues that confront us, funding, adult social care, pensions and transport .

Clearly,  we have to engage fully with the LGA. This means members of my Cabinet getting appointed to the LGA boards.

Today I received a letter from the LGA telling me that I have been appointed as a full member of the LGA Economy and Transport Board. This is great news.

Clearly, our recent successes in promoting economic activity are being recognised. Our new bank, the new Science Park station in Cambridge, Superfast broadband across the County, the Ely southern by-pass, A14 widening and our economic development activity in Wisbech to name but a few.

This will be a real challenge which I am looking forward to. Getting elected in my Division in Fulbourn, next year, has just got a lot more important for the people of Cambridgeshire.


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