Lib Dems and pledges

Interesting to see Nick Clegg now apologising for making a pledge about university fees. I have a horrible feeling that the apology suggests he won’t be making any more pledges rather than dealing with the subject matter.

I need to be careful, as I am a politician, but the apology does sound like a politicians apology – a couple of years late, not really dealing with the issue and has a whiff of saying sorry for being caught out. Hmmm.

Well at least locally the Lib Dems are sticking to the pledges they make, or are they? For some time now they have taken a very principled approach to the police and crime commissioner elections. They were not putting up a Lib Dem candidate to avoid the post being made political. I think that was a little simplistic but this pledge had some merit.

But I am now getting some information that they have backtracked on this pledge and are now putting up a candidate. None other than Rupert Moss (according to the radio). I am guessing this is the same Rupert, with a slightly longer name, who used to be a county councillor. I wish Rupert well in the elections but fear for the police if he ever gets his hands on any handles of power. I have watched Rupert almost grind full council to a halt on matters of minute detail whilst the strategy was missed. It is possible he could tie the whole constabulary up without any criminals getting involved!!!

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