Roberts Way, Fulbourn

The recent heavy rains have revealed some issues with drains in my division. A particularly difficult issue has arisen in Fulbourn on Roberts Way. The road flooded twice recently. The road itself is a private road owned by a housing association which means they are responsible for upkeep and ensuring it does not flood.

The trouble is the road looks like an adopted council road so residents quite reasonably might expect the council to fix the flooding. I called an on site meeting for yesterday, with the parish council, the housing association and the local district councillor Neil Scarr. I attended with officers.

It seems that the road was built not to a standard that would enable us to adopt the road without incurring a significant liability. I have asked for the drains to be cleared out, by the housing association, a review of the nearby pumping station and for some collaboration work between the association and ourselves to see how the road can be brought up to standard so that it can be adopted.

What we can’t have is residents being flooded.

On a wider note I have asked what can be done to ensure roads are only built to adoptable standards in the future.

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