CEN – Letter from Paul Sales Labour

I read with great interest the letter in the Cambridge News dated 31st October.

Paul Sales is the Labour County Councillor for Arbury Ward. In amongst his playfull letter I think he might have been nice to me. What impressed me about his letter was his reflection on my view of life seems to appeal to right wing Tories and then went  on to say I am more left wing than I would like to let on.

If I can appeal to   the left and the right then that doesn’t seem to be a bad place for the Leader of the County Council.

Of course his final paragraph is where the truth is. He says “I am heartened by Nick Clarke’s pragmatic approach to the County’s problems.”

Running a County Council is not about left or right politics it is about doing the right thing for the people of Cambridgeshire not following political dogma.

Thank you Paul.

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