Wisbech 2020 vision summit

On the 26th October we held our Wisbech 2020 vision event in the Boathouse in Wisbech.

 The aim of the summit was to present the findings of the work carried out so far in identifying how the economy of Wisbech might be improved.

So far there have been public consultations, workshops and involvement from business and Cambridge University. This work produced a long list of ideas that needed to be shortened into an action plan and the summit workshops were designed to help with this.

As you can imagine, with excellent contribution from individuals like John Elworthy, the discussions were interesting. However, far from shortening the list it seemed to grow. But that is ok.

 Now we need to turn this into an action plan which will be agreed and then presented to my Cabinet when it is held in Wisbech in January. That will be accountability time. Have a look at the video of me and Alan Melton, at the event, which as you can tell from the background noise was well attended.


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