A47 – LEP board paper

Improving the A47 and dualling it has been something the County Council has been lobbying for as part of the A47 Alliance since it joined in 2004. The Alliance has now invited the Local Enterprise Partnership to join the campaign.

As County Council Leader and LEP Board member I whole heartedly championing this move at today’s LEP Board Meeting so that we can add the weight of local councils and business behind getting these much needed improvements.

I will continue to fight for these improvements on this Highways Agency managed road but recognise there needs to be funding from Government, which, with the current national deficit, is unlikely to be delivered in the short term.

I will be delighted if funding can be found but we politicians need to be realistic and honest with our electorate. Over promising and giving false hope is the political policies of opposition members or wannabe councillors.

In the meantime local councils and community groups will continue to work together on the Wisbech 2020 Vision to deliver practical solutions that are facing residents in the area, including improving transport links and infrastructure.”

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