Welcome the Duke and Duchess to our Manor

I am delighted that finally we can talk about the up coming visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I know all of us who have been working on this are pleased the couple will be coming to the city and I am sure they will get a very warm welcome.

They will see a range of sights and meet various dignitaries during their day but I am especially pleased they will also get the chance to go to The Manor school in Cambridge and see staff and pupils there.

I have been a loud advocate of the Arbury and Kings Hedges area which has unjustly faced criticism and sometimes prejudice. Therefore, when I heard the Duke and Duchess might visit us I asked if they could be invited to The Manor school to see the hard work that is going on there and in the area.

Having been at the school just this week I know how excited the staff are about the visit. It is a time of change and challenge for the school with a complete rebuild about to begin next summer.

I think the Royal couple will see a strong community school with dedicated staff and pupils who are meeting the challenges it faces and whose success is set to grow.

It will be a moment for the couple, who must meet thousands of council leaders and dignitaries in their duties, to see the true community shine.

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