Royal visit – great day

Today was the day that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had their first official visit to Cambridge. I was thrilled that they were coming to visit the Manor school. A school that has had it’s difficulties but is now on the up and up.

I had the privilege to be in the official line up to greet the couple at the school. I got to shake their hands and had a few words. A great, natural couple who made time for everyone.

The young people were very excited and really enjoyed the experience. The performances were top notch and thought provoking. Something to remember for the rest of their lives. A chance to feel very proud of themselves for hosting the royal couple.

I had a chance to catch up with Julie Spence, ex chief constable, on a range of topics. Julie is the Patron of the Manor school. I also enjoyed meeting members of the USAF who having been working with some of the pupils.

Great organisation from everyone. A fine day.


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