LGA – Economy and Transport board

On thursday I attended the LGA economy and transport board meeting. There is a pre meet for the party groups before the all party board meeting takes place. Much of the detailed examination of policy takes place at the group sessions.

There was lots of discussion about local authorities having a greater influence over strategic transport links, in the way we are working to influence the A14. The LGA is keen to use Cambridgeshire experiences on the A14 as a case study.

Interestingly, there was a lot of interest in our bank Cambridge & Counties. Several other authorities want to follow up with me on the subject. I was able to get support for easing of the FSA rules when it comes to setting up a local authority backed bank. Given the public service ethos of local authorities verses the profit motive of banks this makes sense.

This board has the potential to be very effective. I am working closely with other leaders to make sure it is.

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