County Council Network – Norman Lamb Lib Dem minister

Attending the CCN executive committee. Norman Lamb speaking about care and support from the Dept of Health perspective.

Norman is saying some very sensible things. He believes that hospitals being funded by activity is not fit for purpose anymore for anything other than routine surgery. I agree.

He believes that more joined up activity, between health, local authorities and GPs is essential, I agree.

I had the opportunity to ask some questions. The first was ” I agree with everything you have said so far but …… when will all this take place? The cliff edge is approaching faster than you think and the drop is much bigger than you may expect. We need action now. His response was positive but I’m not convinced he has the authority or will be able to gain traction to make things happen in the timescales required. Still, great that he gets it.

I was also able to ask that the rules on funding hospitals be relaxed away from funding by activity. Money spent on “repairing people” would be better spent on preventing people needing treatment. He agrees. I offered up some ways of doing this.

I was able to speak to Norman afterwards. I offered up Cambridgeshire as a county of innovation and a willingness to explore new ways of working. We both agreed that following up later would be helpful.

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