Europe – keep your hands off our personal data

And so it goes on. I support trading with Europe. I support trade without barriers with Europe. Why oh why does that have to translate into being run by Europe. Will the never ending interference ever stop.

It is time for a referendum on the issue. Most people in this country want one. It is only the Lib Dems who appose it.

It now seems that Brussels is demanding that all 26 police forces across the EU should have access to the personal details of every motorist in Britain. I’m sure this would have started out as a “good idea” but the unintended consequences have not been thought through.

Foreign police also want access to our DNA database, the largest in the world. Our police are sometimes criticised but I tell you they are far more accountable than many European police forces. European rules allow for less strict testing rules than we have in the UK.

Imaging the nightmare scenario of a police dawn raid on your home with a European arrest warrant and a member of your family being taken to another European country for questioning and all because of a mistaken identity.

We are in this mess because Labour quietly signed up to the Prum Treaty in 2008. Fortunately, the Home Secretary has resisted implementing it, so far, but pressure is building. It seems Europe will start to fine us soon if we don’t.

We should NOT implement this dangerous treaty and if we are fined then we should deduct all such fines from the contribution we make to the EU.

It is time to get back to common sense trading with the common market we joined. This federalist experiment is wrong, not needed by Britain and dangerous.


  1. Fair enough, but we shouldn’t forget our Government’s plans to snoop on every email and website we send or receive or visit. Now that’s nasty! Dubbed the ‘Snooper’s Charter’.


  2. Just imagine the French issuing an arrest warrant for some Jerome Forrêt for what the Frenchies consider an offence, though not an offence in our free country. ¿ We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we ?

    However, we wanted the French to arrest British Maths teacher Jeremy Forrest through a European Arrest Warrant when he ran off with a 15 year old Essex girl to France.


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