Europe – Lib Dems happy to push for a federal Euro state

Europe is all over the news today.

Locally, Conservatives are happy to trade with Europe but don’t want to be governed by the EU.

No one has voted to hand over all these powers to a faceless European state. Individuals, like Lib Dem MP Julian Huppert are keen to suggest that somehow not being part of a super
European state will damage our businesses. Rubbish.

It is time politicians listened to the people of this country who are demanding a referendum on the in or out question.


  1. The citizens of successful economies like Austria, Germany or Finland don’t feel ‘governed by the EU’. Did Brussels force Britain into war in Afghanistan? Did the EU invent £9k p/a tuition fees? Does the EU set council tax? Does the EU demand a dysfunctional split between multiple level of public administrations (city versus council)? Did the EU interfere in the British tax payers bail out for casino bankers?


    • But Europe is responsible for higher labour costs, higher energy costs, wasteful administration and it costs us as net contributors. We have also lost control of our borders to any European who wants to come here, pay social security to those that want it, provide free health care and so on. At the same time we are preventing highly skilled non EU migrants from working here to try and balance migration numbers. And let’s not forget our fishing industry that has been destroyed. Soon police forces across Europe will be able to issue a European arrest warrant that will potentially see our citizens taken to a foreign country to face charges as a result of mistaken identity.

      But none of this matters. What is important is that we, as people of a sovereign nation, have a chance to vote on giving away all our powers rather than them slipping away as they are now.


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