County Council Cabinet – Jan 29th Wisbech

I’m looking forward to our budget coming before Cabinet on 29th Jan in Wisbech. It is great that our most important Cabinet meeting of the year is to be held in Wisbech.

We are also launching the “Wisbech 2020 Vision. Having visited Wisbech more than any other town, since becoming Leader, I am excited to see the Vision coming to fruition. Lots of exciting things for Wisbech.

We are bringing into play a range of exciting initiatives for Fenland and in particular Wisbech.

Our Superfast broadband project is designed to ensure all of the county benefits from faster broadband. The cities and our towns are currently better served than our rural areas.

The additional £90m of spending on our highways will be spent across the county but particularly in Fenland where the roads really need it.

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