Lib Dem – budget amendment – guess number 2

So what could the next guess be. Lets try re- instating the Area Joint Committees. Of course these committees don’t save any money. In fact they cost money to administer so I will be looking hard at money attached to this one.

What they do is to add beurocracy to relatively simple processes without adding any value. All the districts with the exception of Cambridge City don’t value them. Interestingly, even Cambridge City councillors admit they are not very good. What they are is another soap box for city councillors to get involved in matters outside of their jurisdiction.

City councillors look after housing, refuse collection, parks, toilets and so on. County councillors look after adult social care, children’s services, waste and highways amongst other things. I am keen that everyone understands their roles and is accountable to the public for those roles.

What is important is the publics voice is heard not city councillors who seem to think they have in some clever way morphed into county councillors.

The new system is robust and accountable. It involves the county council cabinet member who has the delegated authority to make decisions and the local county councillors. The only decisions that the AJCs used to get involved with that was really required, by the highway authority, is objections to traffic regulation orders and we don’t get that many of those.

What is great about this is that it empowers and encourages the local members to engage with their local electorates. If they don’t I guess the people won’t vote for them next time round.

This guess number 2 is one that highlights the differences between Conservatives and Lib Dems. The Lib Dems want to talk, talk, talk at any cost for ever, what ever the outcome even if that is nothing. Look at the protracted decision making over where the toilets in the Grand Arcade should be and they managed to annoy just about everyone.

Conservatives like to get stuff done.

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