Lib Dems – budget amendment – guess number 4

Almost certainly a range of things that are blindingly obvious and we are already doing will crop up.
When we explain that it is happening already they will then claim we listened to them and took action. Cunning ploy but overused every year by the weak Lib Dem opposition.

Subjects that could be covered here are:

Reducing mileage – as if anyone drives more than they need to especially in our congested county. It is reducing but if a social worker needs to see a client they need to see a client. Encouraging a scared child to contact social services by skype is not the way forward.

Less photocopying and printing – pass me another egg to suck on even though I am not a grandmother.

Reduce the use of interim staff – yes, of course. No interims are recruited now unless we really can’t fill the post, the role is very necessary and permission has been sought form very senior management and politicians.

Save energy – another egg please. Energy costs money. We don’t have enough money. Ergo everyone gets the need to save energy. Creating energy saving teams that the Lib Dems want is a waste of money that would be better spent on adult social care provision.

The possible list in endless and I guess is meant as a distraction to cover the lack of real policy and direction.

One comment

  1. Why not create an energy saving department? You’d need a committee or two. A chairman. A vice-chairman. Monthly meetings, in the (colder, darker) evenings so that Lib Dems can get to them more easily. If you spun it off into an independent organisation then you’d need a CEO and a team of supporting officers. And another committee. And public meetings so that the eager and excited folk can flood in, exhilerated, and listen with anticipation to agenda item 7b and its associated energy-saving e-documents. This is sounding like a winner, isn’t it? : )

    Alternatively, you could just get on and save energy in all departments. But where’s the fun in that sort of bland, common sense approach?


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