Lib Dems – budget amendment – guess number 5

Ely bypass. This one is a long shot. The significant majority of people in Ely want a bypass. More than that they want route B. The local MP wants route B. Route B is our preferred option.

A while ago the Lib Dems came out to appose route B, instead wanting to dig the underpass under the railway line deeper, bigger, better. So, just for clarity, the underpass that doesn’t work now and sits on a flood plain and keeps getting hit by lorries which brings rail and road networks to a halt and only 4% of local people want – is the Lib Dem requirement.

No one in politics would see that as a good bet. But I do admire the tenacity of the few Lib Dem members who seem to thrive on making the wrong decisions and then championing them to the end. Or nearly the end as Chris Huhne found out.

Never the less I am going to leave it in as guess number 5.

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