Lib Dems – don’t know when to stop spinning

Last night on BBC radio Cambridgeshire Susan Van de Ven, Lib Dem county councillor, decided to challenge the guided busway usage figures. Usage has been fantastic and continues to grow.

I’m not sure why anyone would want to rubbish an important piece of infrastructure that is extremely well used but I guess the Lib Dem negative campaigning machine rumbles on.

The trouble for Susan was that she was just wrong. Her facts were incorrect. I guess numbers are not the strong point of Lib Dems as can be seen by all the errors being made by them in Cambridge City finance dept.

More embarrassingly for Susan it was not us that had to point out her facts were wrong. It was the Managing Director of Stagecoach, one of the bus operators that made the point.

This is the same councillor who went out of her way to tell users of a bus to Wisbech that we were withdrawing subsidies to it and had them all worried, only to have it pointed out that the bus she was on was not affected.

As politicians we all have a duty to be accurate. But we also have a responsibility not to scaremonger, not to spin to mislead the public and we should try to act in the best interests of the general public not our own electioneering needs.

A poor show.

Listen to the show here.

Discussion starts at 6 minutes in

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