Conservative manifesto launch for the county elections

Today was very exciting. We gathered together most of our candidates for the coming election in may to celebrate the launch of our manifesto.

I am particularly proud of our achievements over the last two years. What ever your thoughts on our actions their can’t be many who can accuse the Conservatives of not getting on with things.

I have tried to keep the manifesto simple to read and as short as possible. It reflects back on some of our actions taken and looks forward to our future plans. county manifesto 2013 1.13county manifesto 2013 1.13

Not everything that we will do in the next four years is included in the manifesto but their is sufficient detail to give the electorate a feel for our priorities. Clearly, we can’t see what is around the corner so we must remain responsive to the changing environment to ensure we do the very best we can for the people of Cambridgeshire.

The manifesto covers the next four years and should be read alongside our budget which provides much more detail for the coming year.

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