Lib Dems – the case of the missing manifesto

I thought I had seen something on twitter about a “rousing talk by @timfarron to launch Cambridge. Libb Dem County manifesto by Belinda Brooks- Gordon.

When I asked Kilian Bourke about the Lib Dem manifesto he led me to believe their wasn’t one and I can’t find it anywhere.

If Belinda attended the launch of the manifesto, as she claims in the link above, where is it? Who else attended? Perhaps they can help?

No, they can’t. They would not would they? I don’t believe any party would pretend to launch a manifesto if they don’t have one ……….. Would they?

Certainly not the straight talking, honest, never grab credit from anybody else county Lib Dems, surely not.


If anyone can help and point me in the right direction I would be grateful and very relieved.

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