A14 – the missing link

So, just back from the gym, recovering my composure and sat in my study. My thoughts started to wander.

The A14 upgrade is something that is never far from my thinking. It is so important. We have all dreamt about this road being fit for purpose, accidents being reduced, long delays ending. It now seems that this prize is within our grasp.

All we need to do is get all the local authorities to make a contribution, spread over 25 years and it is sorted. ALL local authorities need to chip in. So far we have agreement in principal for a contribution from the LEP, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Northamptonshire, ECDC, SCDC, Huntingdonshire DC, Fenland DC and …………………… hmmmm.

Politicians have various loyalties. As county councillors we have loyalties to our division, our county, our conservative group and the Conservative party. We are also loyal to our country. Politicians sometimes have to deal with the conflict that these various loyalties bring but should never allow politics to get in the way of doing the right thing.

I don’t think any political party or any political leader would survive being the cause of this A14 upgrade not going ahead. Especially if the reason was for political ideology. That couldn’t happen, could it?

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