A14 upgrade – some background information

This is a multi-modal approach which means not just one type of transport will fix the problem. The improvements will include:

• Additional Public Transport Services between Huntingdon and Cambridge, including extra park and ride

• Additional capacity to Felixtstowe to Nuneaton rail route to provide more capacity for transfer of freight

• Major upgrading of A14 strategic route with local access roads between Girton and Huntingdon, removal of Huntingdon viaduct. A new southern bypass to Huntingdon.

• The main A14 route from Girton to Brampton would be tolled, but it would be a very modest toll which is unlikely to encourage transfer to local roads.

• Provision to travel on local roads with no tolling.

• Tolling would be by ANPR /open road tolling, ie no toll plazas.

• The Cambridge Northern Bypass would be widened by one lane in each direction between Girton and Milton only and it would not be tolled because it acts as a distributor road for Cambridge as well as a bypass.

• Whilst there would be increases in volumes of traffic on the outskirts of the City serving the new developments between 2011 and 2031, the overall effect of is likely to be reduced car travel within Cambridge as traffic would not try to avoid the A14 as at present. The Part 3 Study has concluded that the net effect of the total scheme would be to reduce traffic on key Cambridge radial roads by about 2%.

• There is likely to be some marginal increase in emissions on the Cambridge Northern Bypass due to free running traffic, in the centre of the City there should be some reduction in NO2 emissions.

• Although there has been major growth in the City since 1993, the demand management and planning measures that the City and County have pursued since then have meant that the daily volume of traffic entering the City has not grown since 1996 and traffic volumes in the centre have declined by 22%.

• The excessive daily congestion and incidents, due to there being more traffic on A14 than it was designed for, encourage some regular Cambridge bound traffic to avoid the use of the A14 if possible. This is thought to be quite widespread and means traffic would not be taking best advantage of the A14 and M11 as distributor roads and in effect travelling further within the City than it needs to.

• There is reputational damage to the City from the constant poor traffic conditions on the A14.

Future Traffic in Cambridge

• Over the period 2011-2031 there will be extra traffic on City Roads due to the planned future growth in the City.

• Given that fact, there is the need for the Local Authorities to continue to manage demand as they have with their current policies.

• With the current A14 Study proposals, modelling of the direct effect of the improvement scheme indicates there will be a reduction of about 2% in traffic in the City.

• This is very broadly consistent with the modelling of the cancelled scheme.

• Further detailed modelling is needed on the new scheme to finalise the likely impact.

• Given the extra traffic capacity and the lack of tolling on the Cambridge Northern Bypass, it is most unlikely that traffic would divert into the City because of the A14 improvement scheme.

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