Ten reasons why Cambridge City Council should contribute to the A14 Improvement

1.​City residents use it ! It is a vital route for them to/from the north, west and east. And goods coming into the city depend on a reliable road network.

2.​Without the improvement, there will be more rat running traffic through the City.

3.​The improved A14 will reduce traffic levels in the City, and we can ensure that contributions from the City Council are targeted to elements of the scheme that will further mitigate traffic impacts from the road within the city.

4.​Without it, the competitiveness of Cambridge will decrease and businesses will move out – jobs will be lost in the city.

5.​Business and academia are calling for the improvement to allow them to invest in the area.

6.​The City Council will receive significant financial benefits if it is improved. More jobs = bigger business premises = more business rates. This will be many multiples of what we are asking the City to contribute.

7.​The road has a poor safety record – there are many accidents and deaths, and the road will improve that. If there is no scheme, this will continue.

8.​Government is giving us a once in a lifetime opportunity – they want to invest in the A14, but will only do it if the Councils also contribute.

9.​Other Councils, including those who will receive much less benefit from the road than the City Council, are contributing and standing together to bring this key piece of infrastructure forward. If the City Council does not contribute it makes it harder for those councils to maintain that position and support the growth of Cambridge.

10.​We are not looking for a lump sum – small payments are required over 25 years.

One comment

  1. Except I recall that modelling had showed a significant INCREASE in traffic in Huntingdon Road for instance, rather contradicting your assertion.


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