Conservative campaign for the county elections – fantastic so far.

I’m getting lots of very positive messages from Conservative candidates from all over the county. Feedback from canvassing is really good.

In the south of the county the Lib Dems seem to have fallen away significantly with a slight rise in Labour support. UKIP have no traction. The Conservative vote is holding up and if anything we should be looking forward to winning more seats than last time.

Some spectacular own goals by the Lib Dems in Cambridge City Council have really helped.

Seeking to hold a public meeting behind closed doors to examine the £2.3m error in accounting is not understood by anyone. It is very odd given the normal semi religious Lib Dem doctrine of everything must be held in public. What is being hidden I’m asked and of course, I have no idea but it doesn’t look right.

The other issue people just don’t understand is the refusal of the Lib Dems to support the A14 upgrade. Voters are astonished. It’s almost as if the Lib Dems are in self destruct mode.

In the north of the county the impact of UKIP is much less than expected especially now they seem to be falling over themselves. I seems the Lib Dem vote is in hiding. Surprisingly, the number of independents standing are much fewer than expected.

I am hearing about lots of support for our priorities of supporting vulnerable people and stimulating the economy. They seem to be particularly impressed with what we are actually doing. Superfast broadband, Ely bypass, Kings Dyke crossing, new station in Cambridge and the A14 upgrade. Action speaks louder than words.

Personally, I’m glad I managed to sign my personal letters to all my postal voters without getting writers cramp. Well over 700 signatures in three ours !!!

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