Cricket – first game of the season

The first game of the season always feels tough on the legs. I was hoping that all the electioneering and my recent gym visits would have made up for being a year older. I was wrong.

Still, it was a lovely day, sunny, warm and no sign of rain. Very odd. Usually it only takes the sound of stumps being hammered into the ground to unsettle the weather.

Fielding for 40 overs was hard work. It seemed to go on for ever. I enjoyed diving around, stopping the ball for about 20 overs before it started to hurt.

It was good to meet up with friends who I have played against over the years. Lots of banter.

Playing against Granta is never easy. They had one new signing who will clearly make the first team. He put our bowling to the sword scoring an impressive 88. Chasing a big total is always a challenge and today the 257 seemed huge.

As I went out to open the batting I felt aching all over. Still, cricket is war and the battle needed to be won. After some dodgy shots I got into my stride and hit 85 before being caught. It should never have been that many as I was dropped three times, twice on the square leg boundary by the same person. Cheers Chris.

We eventually ran out a close second. The score was too much for us. A really great game of cricket.

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