Great day – sunshine, grandson and electioneering

I had a morning with my supporters discussing progress to date, shuffling yet more leaflets between ourselves and passing around war stories of the campaign so far. Lots of great feedback from all around my division. Two leaflets and lots of doors knocked on and momentum is rising.

Interesting comments from a number of people that the Lib Dem candidate has irritated them by trying to claim credit for the work of others, including the Parish Council. I tried to look surprised but ………….. it happens all the time. Still it is nice that it is being recognised.

This afternoon, in one of my villages, I was on the wrong end of a very cross lady, complaining about the council. It was only after about five minutes that I realised that is was the Parish Council she was cross with and not the county council. Phew. We ended up having a laugh and a joke. She felt she had got it off her chest and I felt relieved.

Lots of people wanting the old days of Mrs T to return. Immigration raised a couple of times but not as much as I expected. Most people know we are in difficult times and appreciate we are trying to stimulate the local economy and look after our vulnerable.

Electioneering in the sun is so much better.

Our lovely grandson Oliver came to stay the night. At two and a half years old he is a live wire. Playing hide and seek was great fun. I keep getting told, by his mum, that he doesn’t sleep that well. Not a bit of it. He was asleep in bed at 8 and I had to wake him up at 8 the next day. It must have been all the tales of electioneering that did it 🙂

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  1. Nick, may I suggest you drop a few more fliers through Fulbourn doors over the year, to counter saturation coverage by the local Lib Dem candidate. The one dropped in today was very informative. Thanks.


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