The season has been very up and down so far. With so much more time on my hands I have been enjoying cricket three times a week. On Saturdays I’m enjoying 40 over league matches even if we have not yet found our winning streak. Personally I have scored 80 not out, 80, 55, 14, 10 and a dreaded duck. As one of the oldest in the team it feels good to still be heading up the averages.

My 20 20 season hasn’t really got going having only played once for my regular side scoring only 6 and an outing for the county council where I managed a few more.

More interestingly for me has been playing for the county over 50s side. I was picked for the last two seasons but couldn’t make any of the games because I was caught up in council business. This year I have played twice scoring 59 and 25. Playing against county players, who have all played at a much higher standard in the past than I have, is a real challenge. The bowling might have slowed down a little but it is accurate and crafty. Great fun.

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