Have I regained the freedom to say what I want again? I hope so.

One of the frustrating things about politics is trying to make sure you don’t say something that can be taken out of context by those that want to make mischief. I was once told that ” the truth told with ill intent is worse than all the lies you can invent” and boy is that true.

I used to try and look at things in the round. Problems are rarely simple and generally have a blend of positive and negative outcomes for different people. As the old saying goes ” you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. Unelected individuals, without any responsibility or accountability, have the luxury of sitting back and cherry picking actions, statements and decisions to reinforce what they believe is right. They often have no interest in a balanced argument but seek to press home a single point of view.

Armchair politicians, as we often see on twitter, get some of the facts but generally not enough to form a balanced view. They also get some of the facts wrong and then base a whole argument, sometimes very convincingly, around this error. When this happens the error is often left unchallenged and become urban myth. It would be very time consuming and pretty fruitless to attempt to counter each and every dodgy and ill informed argument put out there by individuals.

So, now I am free to express my own single issue views and free to deliberately miss the big issue to make clever points if I want to. Even better I no longer need to tolerate rude people who believe that they can demand anything of me and say anything they want just because I was elected.

And a couple of weeks ago I surprised myself. Playing cricket, a member of the opposition was making a right nuisance of himself, challenging the umpire’s decisions and accusing my team of cheating. He was winging on as I was batting which was distracting.

Mindful that I was always in the public eye I would have just ignored him but on this occasion I thought why should I put up with this. So I shared a few choice words with him.

How refreshing and …… he apologised.

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