Golf – the new politics

After many years of being an occasional golfer I have now started to play three times a week and sometimes more. I’m still at the scuffer stage but submitted my first card today towards a handicap. A very satisfying if frustrating game.

Often it is very obvious what the correct direction of travel should be but things get in the way. After clattering into the odd tree, getting buried in long grass and bogged down in sand it is sometimes easy to start doubting oneself.

Others get knocked off course, question their own abilities to cope with the situation and often crack under the pressure of public scrutiny and comment. Their is nothing more daunting than teeing off on the 1st tee right outside the club house window. When things are going wrong a golfer does not reach for the rule book nor attempt to change the rules, processes and procedures built up over many years.

THe good golfer reminds himself of the basics, dusts himself down and gets on with doing the right things. He should not let the distractions prevent him from focussing on what is important and pursuing it with vigour and confidence.


  1. Very good. I guess the one big difference is that if you break the rules of golf you get into trouble and everyone looks down on you. If you continue to break the rules you are banned.

    On the roads it is the same if someone drinks and drives and increasingly when speeding. And so it should be.

    Currently, not the same social pressure applied to cyclists who jump red lights or don’t use lights themselves when it is dark. Nor to car drivers who barge around the road without thought to other road users.

    We can only hope.


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