Why do opposition politicians always want to scaremonger?

During my time as Leader I was always amazed that opposition parties and in particular the Lib Dems always convinced themselves that what ever action was taken it would all go wrong. “We are doomed” said private Frazer of Dads Army fame and the same was heard from the Lib Dems.

What a dull, negative and backward looking approach to life. In business, in politics and in life in general success breeds success, confidence inspires more confidence.

When we cut posts to save money, immediately the Lib Dems were prophesying disaster, which didn’t happen.

When we made investment in infrastructure, and in particular the guided busway, doom was predicted all round. It seems, if the Lib Dems were to be believed, the county was being overrun by white elephants. In fact the guided busway has been a fantastic success and is has already enabled millions of trips to be taken on time and in comfort.

Come on chaps. Lets see a more proactive, positive approach to running the council.

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