Sanity check on what is right and wrong – political parties behaving oddly

Listening to all the political parties shifting policies in all sorts of unexpected directions is starting to feel odd. Policies seem less conviction based but more to catch the popular vote. My own thoughts in no particular order:

Creating wealth is good.
Low tax to encourage wealth creation is good.
Personal freedom is good.
The very vulnerable should be protected.
Not working should not be a life style choice unless you fund it yourself.
Taking drugs is bad.
Taking drugs breaks the rules so requires punishment. When / if addicted then it becomes a health issue as well as requiring punishment.
Nothing is free. Someone pays.
HS2 costs a lot of money which could be spent better on a greater number of projects.
World population is increasing so better food production techniques are required.
Carbon fuels will run out at some point. Alternatives need to be found.
Nuclear fuel is needed to produce electricity.
Water is important and must be conserved or more fresh water produced.
Grammar schools are good.
Winning is good.
Helping others to win is good.
Political correctness is wrong when it gets silly.
Health and Safety is good. Health and Safety regulations used inappropriately is bad.
Social engineering is generally bad, some exceptions.
Cars are good, as are buses, bikes, motorbikes and trains. All have different characteristics.
At night bikes need to have lights as do buses, motorbikes and cars.
Borrowing more money than you can afford to repay is bad.
We have no right to our current high standard of living.
Trading with the EU is good.
Political union with the EU should be decided by the people. It is bad that the people have never had a chance to decide.
Free trade with the EU is good.
Free trade with the rest of the world is good.
Paying benefits to non UK citizens is bad, unless they have paid in.
Providing free NHS care to non UK citizens is bad unless they have paid in.
Not being prepared for war if attacked is very bad.
Life is not fair but people should be treated fairly when ever possible. This does not mean everyone being treated equally.
Difference is good.
Moaning is bad.
Getting on with things is good.

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