Parking in Cambridge

On Saturday it was the Romsey Town cricket dinner at the Devonshire Arms. I have played for this team for a number of years and we always have an end of season dinner where all the awards are made. I was fortunate to win the batting award.

What I found interesting was trying to park. Not being an expert at parking on streets in Cambridge I was surprised at the different rules that applied just on one street. Given all I wanted to do was park my car it did seem inordinately confusing.

Some parking was residents only but it was ok to park after 8pm on a Saturday. Other slots were ok to park in after 5 PM and still others could be used by non residents with a ticket and free after 5pm or 8 PM. Given it was dark and only a small sign separated me from being on the wrong side of the law I had to double check I had got it right.

In hindsight I would have been better parking in the station car park and walk. I was left thinking I remain glad that I don’t live in the highly populated city of Cambridge. Dealing with the issue of parking outside of where I lived would frustrate me.

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