Cambridge Science Park Station

So it seems that our new station is before a planning committee today. After many years on the drawing board, without the funds to build it, everyone will now be falling over themselves to comment and i’m sure to point out why they don’t like it.

It has been talked about for many years but no-one wanted to get on with it. Shortly after becoming Leader, I asked for a briefing on the most important infrastructure projects that should go ahead but are being held back by lack of leadership.

The new station in Cambridge was by far at the top of the pile. Given it pays for itself in a very short time, was popular and would greatly assist business it seemed like a no brainer. The County Council had significant borrowing headroom so all it took was some political leadership.

This new station will be a transport hub linking rail, the guided busway, cars, cyclists and walkers.

The biggest danger to the project will be the gold platers seeking to use the station as a vehicle to enhance pet projects. Cyclists will want wider, longer cycleways, Network Rail will want to redesign all the sidings, local property owners will want …………….. you get my point.

What is important and needed is a rail station. Focusing on that is key. If the budget inflates with all the extras it might not pass the tests set by DfT and might become unaffordable.

To those that raise last minute issues I would ask “why were they not included in Area Action Plans” and set out many years ago. Where is the vision from the City Council? Why were points not raised some time ago?

Being reactive, as councillor, is the worst of all worlds. Leadership is required.


  1. Cycle access which isn’t so dangerous that cyclists instead ride in the main carriageway (as they currently do on Milton Road, which will ultimately lead to the station) is NOT ‘gold plating’ – its the minimum standard to aspire to across the county. And -this- is why many cyclists in the County find it so easy to point out that, under your leadership, the County was clueless on cycling issues.


    • My, my, that took you a while. Surely you can be a bit more unpleasant. Not to your usual standard. As a persuader, campaigner and influencer you have a bit to learn if you want change.


  2. It is good to see the station plans on track! But there are issues that need to be addressed by the Highways Authority; eg Nuffield and Green End Road .

    Positioning cyclists travelling straight-on to the left of left turning lorries is wrong: ! The width of provision for walking and cycling (eg along Cowley Road) depends on how many people are going to use it. The rep from St Johns Innovation Centre at the JDCC praised the the cycle parking at the station. We can expect many people to use it, which is great, but the plans are for “light flow”!

    Adding support points between the rail tracks for an ungated foot and cycle bridge by the station now will be cheaper and allows to develop Chesterton Meadows sooner.


  3. The access issues have not been raised “at the last minute”. There has been lengthy dialogue and discussion about the access issues.
    Better to get the access right before the station opens than to have intermittent disruption to access routes fixing the problems caused by poor initial implementation. Camcycle’s proposals would improve access not just for pedestrians and cyclists, but also improve motor vehicle access to key locations, especially for heavy goods vehicles. They would also greatly reduce highly dangerous interactions between HGVS and pedestrians/cyclists.

    This is not “gold plating”. This is the basics.


    • But, they have been raised at the last minute. This station has been on the cards for many years. I pushed it to the top of the agenda over two years ago. The City Council should have had all thoughts brought together a long time ago.


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