France – socialist experiment turning into a disaster – Labour could inflict this on us all

France, under a socialist regime, seems to be in real trouble. It’s disastrous decline, which has followed a strong left wing socialist agenda under President Hollande has moved from a political gaff into the realms of a national disaster. It is hard to imagine how a first world country, like France, could get things so wrong.

France was in a similar position to the likes of Ireland, or even Spain,. The difference is both of these have cut their debts and public spending, and not taxed business and job creation into the ground.

The Irish in particular have cut taxes to boost growth. By contrast the French have raised taxes to 75%.

The French economy has hit a brick wall. Any chance of recovery has been killed off. A great country like France, will I’m sure, survive. But only if it recognises that socialism doesn’t work, especially if things get tough.

Socialism experiments of the sort President Hollande has indulged in are criminal and will cost France dear for a long time. Ironically, the poor, needy and infirm will all suffer more under socialism.

But we must not gloat too much. The Labour Party, under Ed Milliband want to follow the Hollande policies in the UK. This is surely economic suicide. Ed needs to stop, watch and rethink.

Read below the comments and then full article of Allister Heath of City AM, who said:

“France’s economic sickness is primarily due to its overbearing state, horrendously high tax levels, insane regulations, absurd levels of inefficient public spending and generalised hatred of commerce, capitalism, success and hard work.” Full article here:

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