Cambridge Conservatives – it’s time to be heard

I have spent the last few days meeting a range of Cambridge Conservatives to better understanding how the association works.

I have been heartened by how many activists want to do more and the sheer number waiting in the wings. It feels as if with a shove and a push momentum could be gained very quickly. There is clearly pent up energy.

Without doubt Cambridge Conservatives have so much potential. It is just plain wrong that we only have one City Councillor and no MP.

Given the almost universal unpopularity of the Lib Dems, after the tuition fee about turn and the perceived sell out by joining the coalition, I am expecting the Lib Dem vote to plummet and for them to lose the City.

What excites me more is that at the last General Election 12,829 good folk of Cambridge voted Conservative. This was a positive swing of 8.3% in only a five month election campaign.

Slightly less voted for Labour.

I am being told repeatedly by enthusiastic Conservatives that Cambridge is now a three way marginal and ultimately there for the taking. I tend to agree.

I can’t wait to put my shoulder to the wheel and help create the momentum for the Conservatives.


  1. It is NOT plain wrong, it is democracy. Nick Hillman came a very respectable second after Julian Huppert, but ahead of Labour’s Daniel Zeichner, who only made third place.


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