What it means to be a Conservative – not how some would like to portray us.

Conservatives must help people fulfil their potential. People are not all equal, never have been and never will be. But they can be encouraged to achieve more. Even the person who can only speak one word can be encouraged to speak two.

We believe in people.

We must encourage our young to strive, to achieve everything that they possibly can, not holding back, not compromising.

Ambition must be encouraged not flattened by the damp blanket of socialism.

We must not be frightened of success. We must encourage it.

Conservatives have long been the leaders, the catalyst for change, the dynamic force that brings success.

People often care more today for feelings rather than thoughts and actions. It is thoughts and actions that will improve this country.

We must refocused on what we Conservatives believe in, what differentiates us from the socialists, the Lib Dems and the rag tag and bob tails.

We must galvanise the people of Cambridge with the promise of opportunity, not regulation. We must trust them to spend their own money where ever it is possible, not taking it off them for the state to spend.

We must promote personal responsibility and personal choice rather than to dictate to our citizens.

Self pride, strength and courage are good attributes that we promote to give us the energy to support the weak and infirm. Right will prevail over wrong.

We expect to be able to protect our own boarders with Armed Forces we can be proud of.

Those who have worked hard, worked themselves up, achieved, must not be let down.

We are proud to be British. We want you to be proud as well.

One comment

  1. “Ambition must be encouraged not flattened by the damp blanket of socialism.”

    In that case I suggest that if you wish to have a cat in hell’s chance of success in 2015 you dump that self-styled “Progressive” AKA Socialist Cast Iron Cameron and install a real Conservative to lead your party.

    Remember, he didn’t even manage to beat the most unpopular administration since Heath, and certainly hasn’t managed to acquire much credibility since.

    He permanently antagonised many Tory voters with his “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists banging on about Europe” insult, I can assure you that I am not the only Conservative who will never vote for a party leader who expresses such disdain for a very significant proportion of his potential supporters.


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