Hosting Ann Widdecombe tonight – daunting but great fun

Tonight Ann Widdecombe arrives in Cambridge to speak at a Conservatives dinner in Anstey Hall, Trumpington, Cambridge. It is going to be a busy and fun evening.

I’m picking Ann up late afternoon from Cambridge station ( avoiding getting arrested I hope ). Then we are off to the BBC studios for a radio interview with Chris Mann on drive time on BBC radio Cambridgeshire. After that it’s a dash to the venue for a drinks reception at 1800 followed by dinner, speeches and a raffle.

It is rare thing to have such a plain speaking, dynamic and interesting speaker as Ann. And of course there is the dancing! A thought has just crossed my mind that has me panicking. ( must check the duties of a host to a single lady ).

I will be bobbing up and down hosting the event and doing my very best to keep Ann happy and staying out of trouble. The latter much harder 🙂

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