Cambridge County Council – Conservatives move to opposition???

The rainbow coalition of Lib Dems, UKIP, Labour and Independents have joined together to move the council from a Cabinet system to a committee system.

Despite not one of these parties having it in a pre election manifesto. This act of political vandalism will hold the county back for five years as a minimum and all for selfish reasons.

Claims of improving democracy are a falsehood. Democracy has never been an issue in Cambridgeshire.

We have now lost scrutiny of the executive as scrutiny panels disappear. We have lost an executive, it won’t exist. Paid officers will drive things now. All concept of elected councillors running things will pass. Committees rubber stamping officer papers is poor governance. All Leadership of any meaningful kind will disappear.

A sad time.

So, what should the majority Conservative group do? It is clear that they will have no power, or authority but may very well take the flack for decisions made by the rainbow coalition.

I think it is time to give the power hungry rainbow coalition responsibility for their selfish political decisions. It is time for the Conservatives to go into opposition and let us see how successful they are at holding the coalition together.

Labour, UKIP and the Lib Dems all trying to agree. That should be worth watching.

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