European Elections – the most important in a generation

This year’s European elections are the most important in a generation. Europe needs to change, and for the first time since the Eurozone crisis, the British public get to have their say on Britain’s relationship with the Europe.

People feel the EU is heading in a direction we never signed up to – that it’s costing British taxpayers too much and we have lost control of our own affairs.

The EU needs fundamental change, and under the Conservatives, Britain is leading the way in delivering that change.

At home, David Cameron and the Conservatives have made the difficult decisions in the national interest to secure Britain’s economic future. Now it’s time to protect Britain’s interests in Europe.

Because we are renewing Britain’s economic strength and independence, David Cameron has the clout and credibility to go to Brussels, fight Britain’s corner and deliver real change. He has already taken tough action to stand up for Britain in Europe by:

• Cutting the EU budget, saving British taxpayers over £8 billion.
• Vetoing a new EU Fiscal Treaty that didn’t guarantee a level playing field for British businesses.
• Refusing to spend British taxes on bailing out the Euro.

It is only the Conservatives that have a credible plan to reshape Britain’s relationship with the European Union, and to put this to the British people in an in-out referendum by the end of 2017. We need a strong team of Conservative MEPs backing David Cameron in the forthcoming renegotiation. Only the Conservatives have a plan to fix our relationship with the EU and make it work for hardworking people and businesses in Britain.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats oppose this plan and will not give the British people their say. They won’t stand up for Britain.

UKIP simply cannot deliver on anything they promise. They are a one man band and have no plans to confront the problems in the EU. Their MEPs do not engage and will not work to deliver the vital changes to the EU that Britain needs. There have been UKIP MEPs in the European Parliament since 1999 – they’ve been shouting from the sidelines but have achieved nothing. They cannot deliver the referendum Britain needs. They can’t stand up for Britain.

Only David Cameron and the Conservatives can deliver real change in Europe – and the European election this year is a vital step to securing it.

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