Another Conservative action day on Saturday in Cambridge

I’m looking forward to another Conservative action day in Cambridge on Saturday. These action days are in addition to the normal campaigning and serve to create a real moral boost for supporters and irritate the opposition.

The recent one in Trumpington was an excellent event with nearly 20 activists turning out. Lots of blue rosettes reminding people that the Conservatives came second last time at the general election.

This saturday is in a ward where we are going head to head with a Lib Dem. Not only that but this Lib Dem has been in my sights for some time since ratting on an agreement we had made.

Because of my concerns about duplicity I had the agreement put in writing and witnessed by others. Guess what? At the last moment, without letting me know, they welched on the deal. What do they say? Never trust a Lib Dem. Too true in this case.

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