Are Cambridge City officers too close to Lib Dem party?

Local authorities depend on the political neutrality of officers. Officers must be independent and as importantly seen to be independent.

Sometimes organisations get too cosy. Sometimes council officers get caught up in the moment and without adequate supervision and the right culture they cross a line. It seems to me that when a council officer is promoting a Lib Dem manifesto using a semi official twitter account that is a step too far.

This morning it was made public, on twitter, that the Mill Road coordinator, appears to be promoting the Liberal Democrat manifesto. They retweeted one of Kilian Bourkes tweets.

Under normal circumstances political bias from officers is inappropriate but actively promoting a political parties manifesto just before an election is either a deliberate political act or an act of gross misconduct.

I question the use of tax payers money in promoting political parties, something this government expressly prohibits.

Not too long ago the same twitter account seemed to be promoting Julian Hupperts activities. If these coordinating roles are being used to promote political activity then the roles should go.

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