Conservative action day in Newnham – great feedback

On Saturday we had an action day in Newnham. Over a dozen of us went out and about delivering leaflets and canvassing on behalf of Joanna Anscombe-Bell. Joanna is energetic, thoughtful and lives in Newnham.

We had a great response on the doorstep. A lot of people pledged their support and we picked up some new activists happy to deliver leaflets.

Some people observed we were the first Conservatives they had seen for years. Well people had better get used to seeing us, right across the City. As we reshape out association we will continue to build our network of activists. It is encouraging that so many are now offering to help. This is just the start.

It was also interesting to hear a number of people, who have voted Lib Dem in the past, will now vote Green. Not a single person was prepared to say they will vote Lib Dem.

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