Benefit cap working – people moving into work

Figures released yesterday showed that every week more than 100 people affected by the benefit cap have moved into work

Capping benefits is a key part of the Government’s long-term economic plan so our economy delivers for everyone who wants to work hard and play by the rules.

These figures are very encouraging news and show the cap is helping move people into work. Since the policy was introduced last year, in almost 6,000 households affected by the cap someone has found a job. This backs up recent research that shows people who have had their benefits capped are likely to view getting a job as a long-term solution to reduced benefit payments.

Of course, statistics only give part of the picture. What matters most are the stories behind them. Every single one of these people moving into work is someone given a fresh start, earning a pay cheque and better able to provide for their family. This is what reforming welfare is really all about, changing people’s lives for the better and securing a brighter future for Britain too.

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