Conservatives putting up boards today in Cambridge

I was out with fellow Conservatives today, in Cambridge, putting up posters for the election.

By coincidence we had permission to erect two large boards right opposite the UNITE union building on the Madingley road. What fun it turned out to be.

Watching three grown men wrestle with large flimsy boards was funny enough but …….. Within 5 mins of us arriving out came someone from the UNITE office and set about putting a Labour board out.

Being polite and seeing him struggle I did offer to help but it was turned down. Just in case I put an extra couple of nails in our boards 🙂

Lots of people want boards so we barely scratched the surface of it today despite a 7 hour stint. More to do.

Many thanks to Simon and John and booby the sausage dog for all the help.

One comment

  1. Thanks for sending me a poster board. I have not had one for fifteen years. So congratulations on a job well done. It’s unfortunate that I live in a Close, but we do get plenty of footy traffic, and my nearest neighbours are ex Councillors (a mayor even!) from Lib Dems and an Independent. I am proud to show that the Conservatives are back. The boards on Madingley Road are absolutely brilliant


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