Labour and the Unions indistinguishable – are the costs counted as election expenses

It is clear that unions are working hard to get Labour candidates elected. Often these are paid union officials, using union facilities, union phones, union stationary etc etc. should this be counted as an election expense?

This weekend a union event is being held on Mill Road. Outside the Co-op to promote a Labour candidate. What is interesting is the language used in the call to action from a UNITE regional officer. He says:

Saturday 10th 11.00am – 1.00pm – street stall at Mill Road Co-op with a focus on highlighting some of the promises broken by Lib Dems (e.g. tax cuts for millionaires, tuition fees, supporting bedroom tax) and promoting our fantastic candidate for Romsey, Dave Baigent

So it seems that the candidate is a union candidate not a Labour candidate as it appears on his nomination form. The blurring of union activity and party politics has consequences.

A lot of union activity is funded by councils. Salaries are paid, premises provided and infrastructure made available.

It is clearly time for that to stop. Union members should pay for their own officers, offices and stationary. The public purse should not fund campaigns for the Labour Party.

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